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Massage for Stress Relief

What better blog post during the holidays than how massage for can provide relieve from stress?! There are many reasons why clients come to see me at my Boulder City, NV studio, but stress relief definitely seems to be the most common.

Why you ask? Massage is relaxing and releases both dopamine and serotonin - hormones that make you feel more calm and less anxious. This allows clients to leave my massage room feeling like they've had the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders!

Stress presents itself in the body in other ways, as well -- tense shoulders, lower back pain, headaches, for instance. It can even result in very uncomfortable digestive issues! In short, stress is no good for your body!

When you are stressed, your body goes into the fight or flight system and releases cortisol (the stress hormone) thanks to our sympathetic nervous system. When this happens your heart rate increases, your muscles become tense and you become more alert. Not that this is always bad ... you might need an adrenaline rush to help you through an important interview or a dinner with the in-laws during Christmas, after all! But the repeated release of this stress hormone cortisol can take a serious toll on your body. Long term repeated stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and obesity.

There are a few things you can try outside of massage therapy if you are unable to get a massage: meditation, yoga, taking a hot bath with come candles, exercise, reading a good book or talking with a close friend/family member. Even just taking a quick walk outside can refresh you!

Make yourself a priority for the New Year and let me help you combat stress by booking regular monthly or bimonthly massages at my Boulder City office. I use a unique blend of DoTerra's Therapeutic Grade calming essential oils added to your massage so you can just drift away (if only for one hour!).

Happy Holidays!

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