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Colds, Flu & Massage ... They Don't Mix!

Swedish Ma in Boulder City, Nevada

Days are getting shorter, air is getting colder, and winter is around the corner! Colds and the flu season is upon us and while a massage may sound like a great way to help you get over that cold a little sooner – it’s NOT! While massage therapy can do wonders for your body and healthy immune system, it can actually worsen your cold and flu symptoms, depending on what stage of sickness you are in. When receiving a massage at the onset of a cold/flu it can actually make you much more ill than if you had waited until you felt better. Since massage increases circulation and assists in the movement of fluids and metabolic waste, having one when your body is filled with virus cells actually spreads metabolic waste and those nasty viruses faster, making you feel worse.

It’s much more beneficial to your recovery to wait until the acute stage is over (3-5 days from the onset of symptoms) and then come into my Boulder City location for a massage with doTERRA™ Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, which contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and may help with your symptoms. And remember that massage is beneficial in helping relieve sinus pressure and headaches … neither of which are viral or contagious! When you do receive a massage when you are sick you not only risk feeling worse yourself but you also risk passing on the infection to your massage therapist and the other clients he/she works on that day. Your massage therapist will gladly reschedule your appointment if you are running a fever, have the flu, feeling nauseous, or if you know you are contagious. The best thing you can do for your body is stay home, get some much needed rest, drink plenty of fluids and catch up on some Netflix!

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