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Every day! Well, maybe that’s not practical, even though it would be nice. This is one of the most common questions clients at my Boulder City office may ask me, and it really all depends on WHY you get massages. Do you get massages for health benefits? Or, to help you relax and handle the stress of everyday life? Most likely it’s a combination of the two, so let’s look at some of the most common reasons to get regular massages:

Relaxation & Stress Relief
One of the very best reasons to get a mas...

Headaches can be a real misery and sometimes it can seem as if you’ve tried everything to get rid of them but they just keep on coming back. Painkillers can seem like the obvious choice because yes, they do work – but then the headache will often return. If you’re really unlucky you may also end up with a rebound headache which is common in people who take painkillers regularly. So, what can you do?

If your doctor tells you that medically you’re fine and sends you away with instructions to relax...

Yikes!! I think I pulled my hamstring! It sounds like you need a massage! If you can't get in to see me at my Massage by Shawna studio in Boulder City right away, can some simple stretching help your hamstring? It sure can! 

Massage and stretching are both really helpful ways to keep your muscles relaxed, reduce tension and of course help recovery after an injury. Stretching helps to get the blood flowing to your muscles, which is great if you’ve injured yourself, or if your muscles are stif...

Have you ever enjoyed a massage and left feeling wonderful ... until the next morning when you wake up to find your muscles are almost as sore as they can be?!

December 1, 2016

What better blog post during the holidays than how massage for can provide relieve from stress?!

Days are getting shorter, air is getting colder, and winter is around the corner! Colds and the flu season is upon us and while a massage may sound like a great way to help you get over that cold a little sooner – it’s NOT!

While massage therapy can do wonders for your body and healthy immune system, it can actually worsen your cold and flu symptoms, depending on what stage of sickness you are in.  When receiving a massage at the onset of a cold/flu it can actually make you much more ill than i...

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic and volatile plant oils (also known also essential oils) to boost the immune system as a way to treat diseases or prevent them altogether.  By assisting the body's natural ability to balance, regulate and heal itself, aromatherapy treats the entire body and not just singular symptoms of a disease or other afflictions.

Aside from its proactive and preventative medical benefits, aromatherapy is also frequently used to elicit an emotional response because our sens...

Have you been considering leaping into your first massage experience?  Well first, don't leap... you might injure yourself and then we'll need to work on that instead of just enjoying a full body relaxation massage!

During your first visit, I'll ask you to complete a Client Intake Form that brings me up to speed with your health history and other relevant information. Knowing your health history will help ensure that you have the most pleasant and successful massage possible. On your intake form,...

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